Burhan Mubin
Journal of Comparative Qur’anic Studies

Assessing the Word Ummī with the Character of the Prophet (pbuh) in the Qur’an and Hadiths

  • Nasim-Mohammadi Islamic Sciences Researcher. nasim@yahoo.com


AbstractTo obtain the exact meaning of the Qur'anic words and what is meant by the choice of these particular words by God Almighty, it is best to use the Holy Qur'an itself and the traditions of the Ahl al-Bayt. Since this book has been revealed and united with the same letters and words by the wise Creator, the very arrangement of words and verses together can help human beings in finding their meanings. The Qur'an's interpretive method through the Qur'an, which is the use of the verses itself to convey its meanings and concepts, is a way to be sure that it will be unparalleled if it is alongside with the correct narrations of Ahl al Bayt. Now it can be useed the same way to get the exact meaning of the Qur’anic words, namely, to find the meaning of the Qur'anic word in addition to using traditional and conventional methods such as searching the root in the originality of the language of the word and searching in the old sources, we should benefit from the verses of the Qur'an and their context that the word has been used in them; and in putting together the authentic traditions endorses meant was obtained.In this research, we tried to find out the meaning of the word Ummī in the Holy Qur'an using the Qur'an itself and the verses in which the word is repeated. By putting these verses together and using the root of this word, the meaning was obtained, which was also confirmed by the narratives. In fact, Ummī in the Qur'an means the son and descendants of Abraham, and especially through Ismael, his eldest son, in front of Isaac, the other son of Abraham. Considering that the root of Ummī is derived from the Ummah.Keywords: Ummī, Ummah, the Ummī Messenger, the Ummī Prophet.

2019-03-30 09:05:42