Burhan Mubin
Journal of Comparative Qur’anic Studies

Review and Analysis of Hadith Thaqalain with the Approach of Semantics and Correlation of Qur'an and ‘Itrat

  • Hura Sadat-Ghozat PhD Student of Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Faculty of ‘Usul al-Din. hurasadatghozat@yahoo.com


AbstractSome hadiths, given their status and significance, have a significant impact on the formation or adherence to a belief, as it sometimes forces people to insist on their beliefs and in return, provoke individuals and groups of opponents in order to eliminate them by neglecting them or by distorting, misinterpreting and falsely justifying to exploit its benefits, and to disrupt and undermine its function. These include the Hadith Thaqalain. This study has been conducted to study the noble hadith, by drawing the Excel table, and arranged and carefully considered various narrations of hadith in it. To do this, the research setting has been considered in two sections:Part I: Reviewing the text of the narratives, firstly from the point of view of the narrators and their initial carriers, and secondly, on the examination of common terms and phrases. Therefore, by plotting the Excel table and inserting the statements of Hadith Sharif in it, in a way, the narrative is put forward in front of which a thorough reflection in it proves the certainty of its issuance and its frequency, both in terms of words and in terms of meaning. (Refer to the table)Part II: Examining the content of repeated and important phrases and narratives, in terms of meaning.The process during these steps in our research guides us to the results that there is no doubt in verifying the authenticity of the issue as well as its definitive volume in terms of words and meaning, as causing a definite knowledge and placed in such a degree of reliability that that it is impossible to remove, distort or neglect it In addition, the content of the hadith phrases with its special meaning and adaptation to the verses of Quran, definitely speaks of the important issue of the Imamate and the caliphate of the Islamic society is described by the Itrat as an integral part of the Qur'an, and the only way to avoid straying is to hold fast these two, and if there was no other reason for this, then the hadith alone could have been the leader of the rightful mind.Keywords: Book of Allah, ‘Itrat, Thaqalain, Frequency, Holding fast.

2019-03-30 09:05:04