Burhan Mubin
Journal of Comparative Qur’anic Studies

Heart belief in the Creator of being and its effects on peace of mind, joy, and creative thinking in the view of Qur’an and Nahj al-Balaghah

  • Shima-Abedin Nasab Phd in Quranic Sciences and hadith. sh.abedinnasab@gmail.com


AbstarctAll the successes, advancements and civilizations of mankind depend on his dynamic thinking, and the development of talented and creative people has always been a requirement of all societies and of their great concerns. One of the most influential factors in the emergence of creative thinking is heart belief in the Creator of Being. In other words, the role of deep religious belief in the Creator is crucial in breaking down intellectual stagnancy and in releasing from material, emotional and evil attachments. Moving along the path of monotheism will bring about the peace of mind, the spiritual vitality of man and stay away from the clutter of mind and intellectual stagnancy.The more human beings get away from the obedience of the devils and Satan, and placed under the authority of Allah, and move on the path to not afraid of other than Him, they will be more creative.In the present article, the relationship of heart belief in the creator of the universe is expressed with peace of mind, spiritual vitality and creative thinking in the view of the Holy Qur'an and Nahj al-Balaghah. In addition, constructive and key factors in the formation of convincing faith are the Creator and the dynamics of thought are also reviewed. Keywords: Creativity, Heart belief, Faith, Qur’an, Mental peace, Spiritual vitality, Creative thinking, Nahj al-Balaghah.

2019-03-30 09:04:46