Burhan Mubin
Journal of Comparative Qur’anic Studies

Esoteric Concept of "Divine Caliph" in the Qur’an

  • Zahra-Teymouri Islamic Sciences Researcher. zahrateymouri@yahoo.com


AbstractThis research is an inward concept of the word " Caliph" (Khalifah) in Sura Bagharah. Keeping in mind the importance of investigation in Quranic words and phrases the researcher has come to perceive the true meaning of " Divine Caliph" after studying Lexical meaning of this word through pondering and thinking in verses 30-39 of Sura Bagharah of Qur’an , it is done by using true meaning of existing key words and phrases in the mentioned verses and it looks that the author has reached the true meaning of this title in human being. In this direction existential structure of "Adam" and his mission has also been purported. In this study the effect of true teaching of "Al-Asmā al-Ḥusnā" in human, s structure has been studied. The result is perfect manifestation of Gods names (attributes) in human being .The main factor in proving this attribute "Divine Caliph" to be true is the perfect manifestation of God's attributes in human being accordance of this matter will be followed by the obedience of all the world’s forces to human being. That is shown in the form of angels bowing down in front of Adam in Qur’an. I identicalness of this special quality in the personality of Divine Saints, specifically Ahl al-Bayt (the member of our holy prophet's family) shows itself gradually in this world; then the purpose of "downfall" of Adam to this world (which is the world of matter and graduation) is demonstrated in gradual achievement of the position "Divine Saints" to reach the best position and will be the perfect manifestations of God's name and attributes. It is followed by proximity to God. That is when the leadership will be demonstrated in them , then the main duty of "Divine Caliph" will show itself in leadership. In fact, Imams are whom that names and attributes of "Lord of all the worlds" have been put in practice in them in full sense and this is the conceptual meaning of "Then he gave Adam knowledge of the nature and reality of all things and everything". In the case of other human beings corresponding to their faith and deeds and also corresponding to the range of their obedience to Imams and Ahl al-Bayt who are the true evidence and real concept of perfect human being , God will give them an order of ideal perfection in humanity and this is a cause for to enjoy affinity to God and saints closed to God. Keywords: Caliph, Earth, Adam, the knowledge of God’s names, bowing down, Downfall.

2019-03-30 09:04:23